About Us

We are not involved in trade activities, nor do we suggest suppliers or producers. This guarantees our independence as a Quality Control Company. We support, as a link between purchasing and production, your requirements to the quality of the product as an independent quality control company.

JitVerify Services is incorporated in Maryland, US. We specialize in verification and product inspection services in China. JitVerify has offices in China and US. The China operation is staffed by experienced Chinese inspectors with deep understanding of Chinese business. The US office provides oversight, western management style, and assurance to its western customers that business is conducted according to high standards.

JitVerify 's operation is in Zhuhai which is in the Guangdong Province; the center of China's manufacturing. The China office manage a team of inspectors that we use depending on the location of the inspection and the skills required. We also have western engineers (North American, European) available to oversee your interests in China. Our greatest asset is our talented people in our international team, from local Chinese inspectors to western engineers, we can assign the highly qualified people to perform your project in China. They are conscientious and responsible and they have gained much experience in communicating with many different Chinese suppliers.

We are dedicated to helping our clients screen, manage and maintain relationships with suppliers. We handle quality issues by performing critical on-site inspections and assistance.  Our fundamental goal as a company is to help foreign customers manage their supply chain and monitor their projects in China. We work as their agent in China to fulfil their business activities, save them money, and reduce the chances of surprises.

For example, when a buyer finds a few suppliers on internet, they usually do not know which one is best. We can help the buyer by sending our people to visit the suppliers, talk to them, take photos and then provide a full report to help the buyer make the right decision. It is critical to select the right partner at the beginning before the customer invest their money.

Another example is to help buyers inspect shipments before they pay the balance. Although the supplier does not intend to supply defected items, we can double check everything such as the product, packaging, etc., to make sure everything is perfect before shipping. This reduces mistakes from the factories side and it gives them pressure to improve the quality.