Company Values

Our Company Values


JitVerify aims to obtain truthful information and minimize business risks for our customers and to protect their interests. We understand that we grow when our customers grow, so we treat our customers as business partners and friends.

As a services company, we know that without the best people, we cannot provide high quality services. We strive to hire the most talented and passionate people one by one, and provide daily opportunities to ensure they can continue to grow.

We recognize that the best ideas comes from our clients. We solicit and attentively listen to their ideas and their feedback.

We expect that our people maintain the highest ethical standards. Sound ethics is at the heart of our company value. JitVerify promotes a corporate culture based on the following principles:


The success of JitVerify relies on the integrity of its employees, who abide by the following principles:


  • JitVerify employees are not allowed to ask for favors from any of the company's customers or suppliers. Failure to comply with this principle will result in immediate termination of the employment contract. We reserve the right to take legal action when necessary.
  • All JitVerify employees must report truthful information and independent opinions, conflicts of interest in business are always strictly avoided.



Legal Compliance

JitVerify always tries to comply with all local laws and regulations in China and US.

Safety and Transparency


  • JitVerify Inspectors must carry out their duties according to international inspection standards as well as specific instructions of our customers.
  • JitVerify customers are regularly and transparently informed of major progress of their project.
  • JitVerify employees will not disclose confidential information to any third party.
  • For specific policies regarding privacy please refer directly to our Legal Policy.