If you have more questions, please contact us, we will reply to you within 24 hours.

What is the difference between JitVerify and other inspection companies?
JitVerify is managed from the US and our services have western quality. We have an office in Maryland, US to interface with our western customers. However, most of our operations are based in China where we have a wide network of inspectors which enables us to access any Chinese company you want for a fair price. Our strength is Just-in-Time Inspection for those who are in a hurry.
How do you position yourself relative to your competitors?
We are highly response with a Just-In-Time attitude. We also offer great service for a good price with fair pay to our people. We are neither the lowest nor the highest price service.
What standards do you use to do inspection?

We use the commonly accepted Acceptance Quality Level (AQL) approach as a default starting point. However, we customize our approach to mach our customers' requirements.

How much should I pay for a site visit report or product inspection?
Our standard fee is $288 per day which includes local travel and bank fees.We offer special prices for package deals and for long-term customers.  For some rural locations, the price may be a little higher. If a highly specialized inspector is needed, the price will also be a little higher. We typically complete the site visit within 2 to 3 days after you pay. We send you a report by email in 24 to 48 hours after a visit depending on the amount of details contained in the report.
How do I know that JitVerify is a reliable company to do business with?
To get started, we recommend that you call us and ask all your hard questions. Then, you may want to ask us for references you can talk to. Furthermore, JitVerify Services is incorporated in the US. Thus, you can be assured that we will not disappear overnight.
Do you require prepayment?
Yes, we ask for prepayment for new customers. However, we will consider a monthly billing cycle for repeat customers.
How can I make payments?
We accept PayPal, Western Union, wire transfer, direct deposit to our Bank of America account, or your company checks (only in US). All payments are handled by our US office.
What kind of guarantee do you provide?

Our liability is limited by the amount of money you paid us for the work. We will refund you the money, or do the next inspection for free, if it turns out that our inspection report did not reflect major deficiencies discovered when the products arrive at the destination. Please review our legal page for details.

Maybe the inspectors are brided by the suppliers? What do you do to reduce the chances that this will happen?

There is no 100% solution to bribes; however, our approach reduces the probability of such events:  Our reports have many pictures. This tend to make it difficult to hide blemishes. We tend to rotate our inspectors; i.e., we do not send the same inspector to the same supplier all the time. Most of the time, our inspectors do not know the suppliers and they do not know the extent to which JitVerify knows the supplier. Furthermore, they do not know if the buyer knows the supplier. So, it is unlikely that an inspector is willing to take a risk in a situation with so many unknowns.

Can you work as my representative in China?
Yes, we prefer long term services and we will give you discount depending on your volume of business with us.