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JitVerify has served more than 200 customers and performed more than 450 projects since we started JitVerify in 2009.

Typical customer engagements are as follows:

  • A US Government laboratory hired us to perform five months of on-site quality control inspections in China. The objective was to assure compliance with the client’s detailed QC requirements. The product was a large custom-made electromagnet. In this case, one of our American inspectors in China performed the work. The essence of our work involved being the eyes and ears of the client on the factory floor by daily reporting on quality issues and facilitate solutions.
  • A US business repeatedly buys tanks and kettles that are used in small scale brewing and wine making. These custom-made devices need to be checked prior to shipping to identify blemishes, leaks, and deviations from design. Made in a small Chinese factory results in attractive prices; however, checking the quality before shipping avoids expensive fixing when the products arrive in the US.
  • A US business repeatedly asks for our help in checking out selected Chinese manufacturers of wood chippers. We check the quality of these tools and then make sure that the seller ships what the buyer paid for. We are again the eyes and ears of our client in Chinese factories.
  • A foreign business that buys large equipment (e.g., trucks) for export to Africa. JitVerify helped the customer visit Chinese factories to find a good supplier, negotiated terms and conditions, and checked the equipment prior to shipping. In this case our essential contribution was understanding the Chinese business culture, we speak the language, and we were able to act fast.
  • Many inspections of Chinese furniture for clients in US, Europe and other countries. Variety of consumer and industrial products for the clients of a company in the Czech Republic during the last three years. In these cases, we add value by using inspectors who have years of experience with the products being inspected.
  • Sourcing and inspections of chemical products for several clients in US and Europe. These are usually highly specialized chemicals that require close interactions with our clients. We work together with our clients to identify candidate suppliers whereupon we make site visits to inspect the factories and check the chemical paper documents.
  • We get many requests from western businesses looking for low priced consumer electronics.  Unfortunately, more than 50% of the sellers that our clients ask us to inspect turn out to be scams, “fly-by-night,” or have other deficiencies making them not worthy of our clients’ business. Brand name products such as iPhones and iPads cannot be bought in small volume in China at “very good prices.” If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. We can usually spot these issues prior to inspection, in which case we will tell you before we charge you a fee.