The following is a list of testimonials from some of our clients. Please note that we respect client confidentiality above all and we are very happy to stay as the hidden supplier if that’s what our clients want:


Cory Welsh, Protective Resources 316 Inc, Canada

Thank you to Bjorn, Denis, and the inspectors for everyone's assistance with the audit on February 23, 2011.  I am very pleased with the professional service I received from your company.  Your report was of excellent quality.  I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future.

Roger Chaves, Mixco Arte Diseno

"We buy many decorative and industrial items from China suppliers and we used to have many problems regarding the quality. Even when we qualified the factories based on production and quality certificates, the goods always arrived with a high % of defective quality issues. So, we needed much more control over these situations.

After we started working with JIT Verify Services, many of our quality problems were solved because they became our eyes in China and they were able to reduce the bad quality ratio to a very low %, less than the acceptable.

Besides, their quality reports are very complete with all the information needed and complete pictures that make it very friendly to read.

Also, the service has been great, we get the inspections dones very fast, and our shipments have no further delays."

Scott Wilson, Ontario, Canada

"I received your report and it appeared very favorable to the company you inspected. Ms. Lee at the factory also commented on how much she enjoyed her day with your inspector.Thanks again for your very valuable service. Without your help I would have ended up doing business with the original company I found and which you found to be a very questionable company. I no doubt would have had nothing but trouble and lost a great deal of money in that transaction.

The very reasonable fee you charged, no doubt saved me thousands of dollars by helping me avoid getting involved with a company that obviously misrepresented itself. thanks again."

Natalja Millsap, Sweetsation Therapy

"This was my first large purchase from China and indeed I was worried about all the details. So researching the Internet I've learned that quality control is essential when it comes to internationals pre-paid purchases. I had a few companies to choose from and went with JitVerify based of testimonials I've found online. I have to say that I was above and beyond pleased with your service, promptness of communication and detailed inspection. Furthermore, receiving all the detailed pictures of the products I felt as if I was there present myself at the inspection.

Thank you so very much. I will be back."

Manu Coloma, Founder of L-bands

“We can find many suppliers on the Internet now, but it is very difficult for us to make a correct choice based on emails and phones. We cannot visit all the suppliers in China that we have found. Luckily we found JitVerify. You guys quickly visited my target factories and provided me good information that helped me make the right choices.“

Melba Lee, Founder of MIC

“We have experienced many problems with our suppliers in China and we restated our requirements many times, but the suppliers just could not satisfy us. We tried to hire a Chinese employee, but it costs too much. Now that we work with JitVerify, I can use their inspectors around China to save on travel cost. JitVerify keeps an eye on quality and packing issues which has been a great help.”

Phillip McGriskin, Director of Adams Industrial

“JitVerify acts as if I had an office in China. I can use my employees for my business, and I do not to need hire employees in China. They charge me per task and the price is fair. It is a great help for me to communicate with my contacts in China. It saves travel cost and time.“

Jeff Chomin, Leader of COC Design Team

“As first time importers, we had the good fortune to find JitVerify to conduct business far away from us. They gave us many useful suggestions and when we visited the Chinese suppliers, they provided professional interpreters and arranged meeting with some suppliers. This made us look like experienced importers in front of our suppliers.

Ken Summerbell, Director of Cyberhand Technologies

“When I visit industrial shows in China, I often collect many business cards from interesting factories. I do not have time to visit them all. By chance, I found JitVerify. They quickly gave me a site visit report so I could decide which company was worthwhile meeting.”

Mike Burke, CEO of Logan & Young LLC

“I was upset to learn that my suppliers delayed my shipment again and they just used very poor excuses such as factory power was off, etc. The key is that I cannot know if they tell me the truth or not. I need to know the real reason each time. So, I now work with JitVerify and they do a good job. I no longer have any worries.”