The Directors

Message from the Directors

We work hand-in-hand with you and your factories and function as your own personal staff in China. Our team consists of both locals and westerners. As an employer we strive to offer our team members the very best working conditions, a growth-focused environment, and competitive compensation and benefits.

When you use JitVerify, you will get the highest quality service, support and advice. You will always receive information in a timely and truthful fashion – we are straight talkers and we solve problems. Our aim in business is to function as your “eyes and ears” in China and support you with product inspection, factory audit, and our expertise.

We are here to bridge that gap between you and the Chinese suppliers.



Cofounder of JitVerify Servics and based in Maryland, US. He graduated from University of California, Berkeley, with a PhD in Nuclear Engineering in 1975. He has a distinguished career of 35 years as engineer, manager, businessman, professor and serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, California. He has successfully started 3 IT companies. He has visited China many times to promote various products and companies. He is currently located in Annapolis, Maryland, US, where he is engaged in part-time consulting work for an energy incubator at University of Maryland to help start-up companies in the clean energy field. As a representative in US, Dr. Frogner interfaces with western customers.


Cofounder of JitVerify Services and based in the China office. He graduated from Zhengzhou University; majoring in international trade. He worked in a few factories and trading companies during the last 8 years. He once worked in OOCL logistics. He has gained much knowledge about outsourcing, logistics, quality control, etc. He has developed strong management and business experience in export industry. He is also experienced in outsourcing and quality control. Based on a deep understanding of Chinese factories, he knows how to communicate with Chinese factories, improve the relations with them and solve the hard problems. He gained significant experience in project management as well as inspection and verification. He knows western quality assurance very well. Mr. Lee is original founder of JitVerify, and he is in charge of JitVerify's operations in China.